Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust: workforce monitoring

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Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust: workforce monitoring *

In 2008 Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust amended its equality strategy to apply the equality duties for race, gender and disability across all equality strands (now protected characteristics). This was in recognition of the fact that the duties had led to improved performance within the trust in relation to race, gender and disability and in anticipation of the statutory duties being extended to other characteristics, including sexual orientation, in a consolidated Equality Bill. This decision enabled the trust to amend its systems, policies and practices so that they would better promote equality for lesbian, gay and bisexual staff and patients. This included updating the trust’s computer systems so that monitoring data about sexual orientation could be captured about staff and patients and used to identify areas in need of improvement. Appendix 20, taken from the trust’s 2011 Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Annual Report, demonstrates that the proportion of staff willing to disclose their sexual orientation in monitoring exercises has significantly increased since this work began in 2008, with the proportion of staff leaving their sexual orientation undefined having reduced by 15.3%. This is an important measure of staff confidence in the trust’s commitment to lesbian, gay and bisexual equality.


* Review of the public sector equality duty, Call for evidence Stonewall response [April 2013]