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Nottinghamshire Healthcare: procurement *

Nottinghamshire Healthcare updated its Procurement Policy in 2010 anticipating the introduction of the public sector equality duty. Contractors delivering services on behalf of the Trust are required to demonstrate that they have systems in place for assessing the impact of their practices on all of the diverse groups it serves, including lesbian, gay and bisexual people. Contractors are required to make sure that staff are trained in equality and diversity and that the training covers all protected characteristics, including sexual orientation. Where suppliers are contracted to work in key areas of the Trust, they are required to undertake the Trust’s own equality and diversity training. Contractors are also required to collect and report on the equality monitoring data of their staff, inclusive of sexual orientation, at all levels including Board level.


When questioned by suppliers about why the Trust requires such a high standard of performance on lesbian, gay and bisexual equality, the Trust has been able to refer to the public sector equality duty to push suppliers into improving their performance in this area. Accordingly the Trust plays an active role in educating, advising and enabling contractors as required. The Trust’s tender template and pre-qualification questionnaire (see Appendices 13 and 14).


* Review of the public sector equality duty, Call for evidence Stonewall response [April 2013]