Nottinghamshire Healthcare: patient monitoring

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Nottinghamshire Healthcare: patient monitoring *

Nottinghamshire Healthcare used the public sector equality duty as a means to justify updating its patient database, extending the collection of patient equality monitoring data to include sexual orientation. Healthcare staff have received training on how to ask sensitive questions and the Trust has developed easy-read versions of the monitoring form for patients and service users who require them (see Appendices 11 and 12).

The data has been used to identify areas of service where lesbian, gay and bisexual people were under-represented in their accessing of services. The data has also been used to influence patient care plans, particularly where lesbian, gay and bisexual patients have been reluctant to discuss with clinical staff some of the underlying background to their mental health issues, especially those that relate to their sexual orientation. The data has also been used to identify the need for lesbian, gay and bisexual patient support groups, including in the Trust’s secure environments, and to encourage people to attend Patient Pride events.


* Review of the public sector equality duty, Call for evidence Stonewall response [April 2013]