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Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service *

A family in Rock Ferry had a telephone-linked smoke alarm installed due to all members of the family having various conditions which meant that they were unlikely or unable to respond to an ordinary or a deaf smoke alarm.

At 11.20pm just a week later, after having the alarm installed, a call was received from Wirral Partnership Homes call centre where the alarm had sounded. They couldn’t get in touch with anyone at the property, so alerted the Fire Service. Crews from Bromborough attended and discovered that the alarm had been triggered by a discarded cigarette thrown into a waste paper basket which caught fire. The occupants were apparently completely oblivious to the alarm actuating. However the system operated effectively and the rapid response of the staff in the monitoring centre meant that the fire service extinguished the fire with very little damage. One female occupant aged 76 suffered smoke inhalation and received treatment from paramedics.

(Older Persons Advocate)


* Equality and Diversity Forum submission to the Government’s Equality Duty Review [April 2013]