Improving cervical screening by involving Asian women

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Improving cervical screening by involving Asian women

The Health Development Service in Coventry runs drop-in services and weekly advice sessions targeted at women in Asian communities in the most deprived parts of the city. The involvement of women from the community in identifying the barriers they experience in accessing health services, and proposing ways to improve services to overcome these, is integrated into work to raise health awareness and improve take-up of services through information, advice and support.

To encourage women to become involved, the service made it a priority to identify and overcome the barriers that prevented Asian women from getting involved with, and using, health services. For example, rather than asking women to come into the Health Development Unit offices, those involved in the work now go to where the women they want to reach are.

  • Regular women’s health sessions now take place in community centres, GP surgeries, temples and schools or centres near Mosques.
  • The benefits for participants include improved health outcomes, more opportunities to socialise and increased confidence and well being.

Benefits of the involvement include:

  • Higher take-up of cervical screen testing
  • Better health outcomes for women who engage with the service
  • Women involved gain in confidence and benefit from the social aspect of the involvement


* Source: Case studies: Equality Impact Assessments [EHRC: 2013]