Equality data and lessons from a equality adviser

Equality data and lessons from a equality adviser *

A DLA member who had been the equality adviser at a university until Summer 2012 states: I would say that during the period I was responsible for helping my then-employer comply with the PSED - in terms of ensuring its longer term aims and objectives, and its yearly information was published in good time - the very fact that there was a legally binding equality duty helped me to collect the information required, and, most importantly, to use the data to raise awareness of issues that could benefit from further investigation. I would suggest that without such a legal requirement, hard-pressed public sector organisations in particular would be tempted to let their equality obligations 'slide' in the interests of saving money. My personal opinion is that that approach would be a false economy, since ensuring their decisions are fair to everyone affected by them has got to be the right way forward, and possibly also save them the time, money and other resources necessary to defend themselves in court.


* Source: Submission to the Review of the Public Sector Equality Duty, Call for Evidence [April 2013] : Discrimination Law Association