EHRC research - Truth about TB Campaign, NHS Peterborough

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EHRC research - Truth about TB Campaign, NHS Peterborough *

The Truth about TB Campaign involved interactive training for children and adults from the Pakistani community and health practitioners in the local area. Between January and December 2008 NHS Peterborough developed the pilot scheme ‘TB or not TB’ to establish training programmes for clinicians working in the community with high risk groups. Following significant increases of TB cases in Peterborough the pilot was developed to investigate levels of awareness within high risk communities. 

The pilot scheme introduced tailored training programmes to prevent further spread of infection. The multidisciplinary project team membership included Public Health specialists, a TB specialist nurse, the head of the school of nursing and a representative from the Health Protection Agency.

A wide ranging consultation was undertaken to ascertain levels of awareness of TB and how best to communicate key messages about services and support available to the target audience. The consultation targeted a range of people across gender, age, and language groups. A social marketing campaign was implemented to help change behaviours through raising awareness and by maximising engagement with the community and clinicians.

The quality of training has ensured the scheme is effective while the outcomes of the pilot have improved care pathways for TB referrals. The scheme has the aim of benefiting the community by improved knowledge and more people are able to recognise the symptoms of TB.

The evaluation report of the pilot project which ran from January 2008 to March 2009 suggests that 296 people were trained at Level 1, exceeding the target of 200. Ninety-two healthcare professionals were trained at Level 2, against a target of 75. Translated appointment letters improved access and training participants ‘overwhelmingly expressed positive feedback’.


* Source: The performance of the health sector in meeting the Public Sector Equality Duties: moving towards effective equality outcomes, A Focus Consultancy Report, July 2011 [ EHRC research report]