EHRC research - Race for Health initiatives, NHS Leeds

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EHRC research - Race for Health initiatives, NHS Leeds *

NHS Leeds has launched a number of programmes and initiatives that promise to deliver on elements of the RED. A project board chaired by the Executive Director of Workforce and Development, along with commissioning and public health leads,

oversees the work. Annual reports on progress are produced for the Board. Progress to date includes:

  • Infant Mortality: the target is to reduce rates in the 10 per cent super output areas (SOAs) from 8/1000 to 7/1000 by 2013. A review by the National Support Team for Infant Mortality in January 2009 recognised the ‘proactive approach to addressing health needs of BME communities’. A refreshed action plan picked up on the recommendations made by the review. This was launched at three events and presented at the Core Cities Collaborative in Liverpool.
  • Coronary Heart Disease/Stroke: A Local Enhanced Service (LES) was offered to 43 practices with more than 30 per cent of their population living in the 10 per cent most deprived SOAs in Leeds. The specification for Cardiovascular disease CVD risk assessments includes an increase risk score for ethnic minority communities, particular of South East Asia origin. Ethnic data will be considered as part of the overall evaluation.
  • Diabetes: NHS Leeds took part in a diabetes open day in 2009 held at a community centre and a Mosque. The event was held in partnership with Diabetes UK and aimed to get feedback from ethnic minority communities.
  • Mental Health: Achievements over the last 18 months include – service user led research on the perceived mental health needs of ethnic minority populations in Chapeltown and Harehills; introduction of quarterly performance monitoring reporting from all jointly commissioned third sector mental health providers that includes requirement for high quality ethnicity monitoring; the new mental health provider contract includes stronger metrics for ethnicity monitoring.


* Source: The performance of the health sector in meeting the Public Sector Equality Duties: moving towards effective equality outcomes, A Focus Consultancy Report, July 2011 [ EHRC research report]