CAB and rehousing for family with severely disabled child

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CAB and rehousing for family with severely disabled child *

A London CAB working in Great Ormond Street hospital helped their client, a single parent of two children, one with severe life-limiting disabilities who used a wheelchair and required assistance with all daily living activities under a fully funded care package following a joint needs assessment. The family’s private rented accommodation was unsuitable for wheelchairs and as his health and mobility deteriorated the son was unable to access the upstairs bedroom or bathroom or navigate stepped access to the house. The landlord refused to make adaptations. As a result of the unsafe evironment the council withdrew the carers. The professionals involved all recommended that re-housing was essential but no protocol was in place between Social Services and Housing for severe disability cases, and no exceptions panel was available to consider cases outside the normal allocations route. Housing Managers were following the rule book on allocations, rather than considering the PSED. The bureau pointed out how equality duties applied to disabled people, and following their advocacy intervention the family were rehoused appropriately.


* Source: Public Sector Equality Duty: Submission to Government Equalities Office Review, Citizen’s Advice [April 2013]