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Case Law

Hammer and gavel

This section includes updates on cases that have interpreted the meaning and implications of the Equality Duty under the Equality Act. Click the links below to view case law relating to each characteristic. We will be updating this section regularly so please come back to view recent case law.

Support the PSED

Are you affected disproportionately by stop and search policies? School exclusions? Low attainment in education? Poor access to public services?

The Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) is the only provision within the law to fight such institutional discrimination.

Case Law

Hammer and Gavel

In the UK we have a ‘common law’ legal system. In a common law legal system statute law (rules enacted by a legislative body such as parliament) is interpreted and clarified by the judgements of the higher courts, which then set a precedent to be followed by all courts in deciding subsequent cases with similar issues or facts. These judgements are known as case law.


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